Taloon.com ditched social buttons to boost sales by 12%

Taloon.com got caught up in the trend towards social proof, with “Like” and “Share“ icons on their product pages. However, they noticed unusually low conversions on pages with those social sharing buttons. To test what was going on they created two variants of the same page with and without the social share icons. Taloon ecommerce […]

Company Folders streamlined their quote page to increase conversion by 68%

Company Folders is an established business but had a website that their CEO admitted was “obviously last year”, which is putting it gently. The main problem they wanted to remedy was their online quote function. This is a vital step in their marketing funnel, so making the process as smooth as possible was essential to […]

Edible Arrangements boosted same day sales by 8% with one simple messaging change

Edible Arrangements had a fairly typical marketing challenge. They offer customers a same-day delivery option (and have done so for years) but people weren’t taking advantage of the offer because they didn’t know about it. To educate customers about this option they significantly increased visibility with a large banner in an extremely prominent position on […]

Envelopes.com achieved 40% more conversions by following up​

A common eCommerce problem is prospects exiting the page before completing their order. As consumers, we’ve all done it before. So the team at Envelopes.com wanted to see if they could “rekindle the flame” and land some sales from hot leads using target followups. These are visitors who created an account and put an item […]

How We Outranked Amazon with a Brand New Ecommerce Site [SEO Case Study]

Is it difficult to rank a brand new website? It all depends on the niche, you may say. In this case study, you will learn how Ecom We Do SEO team worked on a completely new website in the competitive health and wellness niche and achieved impressive search visibility within only 10 months. About the […]