The world of beauty is personal. Personal style, personal choice, personal preference. Redken honors this by getting to know consumers on a personal level.

Forging these personal connections as one of the biggest brands in haircare is a tall order, but one Redken has mastered. Here are just two of the innovative ways the brand does that, along with how Blue Bite helps make it happen.

Connecting in Salons

Redken products are a fixture in salons across the globe; providing professional guidance directly to consumers within this setting is key to differentiating the brand’s products and better reaching consumers.

In the first campaign, the brand installed NFC tags on wireless chargers in salons. Consumers tapping these tags launch an award-winning dynamic digital experience created by Redken to provide insights into the best product for them.

It’s the perfect example of reaching consumers where they are with the information they need.

The Blue Bite-powered digital experience starts by asking a simple question about the salon visit: are you here for hair color, highlights or gloss? Subsequent questions drill down to the specifics of the visit and, in the end, offer a “Personalized Prescription”: the perfect Redken product to maintain and complement the very hair service the consumer is having in the salon.

Continuing the Story

The story doesn’t stop at the product recommendation. Because Blue Bite-powered experiences are contextual based on product, the consumer sees step-by-step instructions on how to use the exact product that is recommended.


Finally, related product recommendations, product videos and more keep the consumer coming back. A connection that started by providing brand value in a salon becomes a new one-to-one connection between Redken and consumers that continues long after the trip to the stylist.

Connecting at Home

In another campaign, Redken connects digital experiences directly to product packaging by adding QR codes — a Blue Bite-powered experience is launched when consumers scan them with their phones.


English and French language versions of the experience are available, with both easily managed in the Blue Bite Dashboard.


The “Personalized Prescription,” in this case, details the benefits of the very product the consumer holds in their hand. If they are in a store or salon and haven’t made a purchase yet, it provides additional information that may influence that purchase decision. If they’ve already purchased the product, the experience showcases product instructions and more.


Like the salon use case, the experience provides more information about the brand in video form. A “Complete Your Hair Routine” call-to-action directs consumers to other products that will perfectly complement the purchase, turning the product itself into a new kind of direct sales channel.

Keeping it Simple for Brands

One of the biggest obstacles to personalizing consumer connections today is the amount of time and other resources required; particularly for large brands with a large number of products and customers. Blue Bite solves this with inherently personalized, contextual experience that can be built and maintained easily.

Redken’s digital experiences were developed and maintained by an in-house team using the Blue Bite Studio and Dashboard. The experiences allow a wide variety of customization based on consumer inputs and specific products, without the need to build thousands of individual webpages. 

Another perk is that this information is provided directly to consumers with no need to print brochures or other materials to distribute to salons that waste resources and eventually get thrown away. Packaging design can remain clean and simple when there’s not a need to provide product instructions and other information on the box.

Personal Connections

These two different use cases illustrate how, even in varied location types, Redken is able to forge personal connections with consumers that last far beyond the initial interaction. And consumers responded.

During the salon project, the brand saw an activation rate of 40%, meaning that more than one in three customers that visited salons interacted with the experience. Additionally, the average time spent in the experience was 3:34 minutes; consumers were finding value in the experience and continuing to explore beyond the recommended product. 

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