Bavarian Clockworks reached $1m in sales by becoming a content marketing machine

If you read that headline and your jaw dropped, get ready for another shocker: With the help of CanIRank’s services, the team at Bavarian Clockworks reached this mark as a brand new company with essentially zero initial following and a very limited marketing budget. First things first, the team needed to create some high-quality, valuable […]

Away generated $125M by offering more than just a product

As we’ve discussed at length before, Away is the essentially the byproduct of co-founder Jen Rubio’s frustrating experience with an overly-expensive and not-so-durable piece of luggage. While it would be easy enough for her and partner Steph Korey to simply develop a more sturdy and affordable alternative product to base their new company around, they […]

Paperstone took out their competition with a simple comparison table

Paperstone is a small paper company that competes with large brand big box stores like Staples and Viking. With most people defaulting to the brands they know best, Paperstone needed to find a way to leverage their strengths against the competition; lower prices. Rather than paying top dollar to compete for advertising attention, they simply […]

Kettlebell Kings’s Instagram has directly led to “hundreds of thousands” of dollars in revenue by creating a content “guideline” for their user-generated-content posts

In yet another case of “x isn’t working as well as we thought, let’s try something else,” the owners of fitness equipment startup Kettlebell Kings switched to a more organic approach after realizing their Google Ads campaigns were costing the company way too much money. The team’s main focus: Instagram. Their initiative started simply enough, […]

Underwater Audio removed charts to bump sales by 41%

Underwater Audio had a problem with visitors who were in the middle of their sales funnel, researching specific products but then dropping off at the comparison page. When they noticed this leak they decided to get to the bottom of it. Here are the old and new versions of the page. At first glance, they […]

Express Watches debated price vs authenticity… With shocking results!

This is a classic problem for online stores; Do you boast the lowest price or the most authentic products? The team at Express Watches were debating whether to communicate a ‘lowest price guarantee’ versus a stamp of authenticity on their website. They tested variants with both, each telling a different story about the clientele: bargain […]

Gwynnie Bee saw 5.85% CTR from optimized non-scripted influencer campaigns on YouTube

By now, you’re probably well aware of how effective influencer marketing can be in spreading brand awareness and social proof, and increasing engagement among your target audience members. A few years ago, rental clothing e-retailer Gwynnie Bee realized this exact same thing. While the team had experienced a decent amount of success using a number […]