Case Study: How CFH Transformed User Experience with Ecomwedo’s Design Expertise

Ankit Srivastava

Ankit, armed with degrees in computer science engineering and corporate management, is a seasoned entrepreneur excelling in the digital business landscape. He created a hit music app to millions of downloads, founded EcomWeDo, and owns a Shopify app. Specializing in maximizing Lifetime Value (LTV), customer satisfaction metrics, and Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO), Ankit consistently drives 8-figure sales for clients and his own ventures.

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Case Study: How Ecomwedo Transformed CFH Website


CFH, a leading online car retailer, collaborated with Ecomwedo to redesign its product page to enhance user engagement, improve site performance, and increase conversion rates. This case study explores the redesign process, highlighting the transformative changes and their impacts on CFH’s online presence.

Before Redesign

Initial State: The product page was cluttered and outdated, featuring inconsistent color schemes and typography that failed to engage visitors. User experience (UX) suffered due to poor navigation, unclear calls-to-action (CTAs), and a layout that made it difficult for users to find relevant information quickly. The design lacked a modern, professional look, which negatively impacted user trust and engagement. Additionally, the page had slow load times, contributing to high bounce rates, and was non-responsive, leading to a subpar experience for users accessing the site via smartphones and tablets.


  • Cluttered Layout: The product page was overcrowded with information, making it difficult for users to focus on key messages

  • Muddled Information: FAQ, product descriptions, and the legal disclaimer were mashed together, creating confusion and making it hard for users to find specific details

  • Inconsistent Design: The outdated design elements did not create a cohesive or professional appearance

  • Poor Navigation: Users struggled to find the information they needed, leading to frustration and high bounce rates

  • Slow Performance: The product page’s slow load times affected user retention and engagement
  • Non-responsive Design: The lack of mobile optimization resulted in a poor experience for mobile users

Redesign Process

Research and Analysis

Ecomwedo conducted extensive research to inform the redesign, including:

  • User Feedback: Collected insights through surveys and usability testing to identify pain points and preferences.
  • Competitor Analysis: Studied successful online car retailers to understand industry standards and best practices.
  • Performance Audits: Conducted technical audits to identify areas for optimization.

Key Changes:

Modernized UI Design: The new design featured a clean, contemporary look with a consistent color palette and typography. High-quality images were used to showcase product, creating a visually appealing experience


Enhanced Visual Hierarchy: Content was organized to guide users naturally through the page, highlighting key information and CTAs. Eye-catching headlines and subheadings were added to break up content and improve readability

Streamlined Navigation: The layout was simplified to focus on the most important elements, such as featured cars, promotions, and CTAs. A prominent search bar was incorporated for easy access to car listings

Performance Optimization: Implemented lazy loading for images and optimized code to reduce page load times. Caching and content delivery networks (CDNs) were used to enhance speed and performance

Responsive Design: The product page was redesigned using a mobile-first approach, ensuring seamless usability across all devices. Touch-friendly elements and optimized layouts for smaller screens were implemented


The redesign led to significant improvements:

  • Improved Engagement: The new design resulted in a 40% increase in time spent on the product page.
  • Higher Conversion Rates: Simplified navigation and clear CTAs led to a 25% increase in lead generation and car inquiries.
  • Faster Load Times: Performance optimizations reduced page load times by 50%, decreasing bounce rates.
  • Enhanced Mobile Experience: The responsive design improved mobile user satisfaction, reflected in a 30% increase in mobile traffic.


By partnering with Ecomwedo, CFH successfully transformed its product page, creating a modern, user-friendly, and high-performing online presence. The redesign not only enhanced user engagement and satisfaction but also significantly boosted business metrics, setting CFH apart as a leader in the online car retail market.

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