Case Study: How Emailwish Shopify App Generated $76,626 with Ecomwedo’s Marketing Magic

Ankit Srivastava

Ankit, armed with degrees in computer science engineering and corporate management, is a seasoned entrepreneur excelling in the digital business landscape. He created a hit music app to millions of downloads, founded EcomWeDo, and owns a Shopify app. Specializing in maximizing Lifetime Value (LTV), customer satisfaction metrics, and Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO), Ankit consistently drives 8-figure sales for clients and his own ventures.

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Shopify Installs


New Revenue



Overview: Emailwish’s Mission and Ecomwedo’s Marketing Approach

Emailwish, a Shopify app dedicated to optimizing email flows for e-commerce success, partnered with Ecomwedo, a leading E-commerce SaaS Growth and Development Agency, to accelerate its customer acquisition efforts and solidify its position in the competitive market.

Defining Objectives: Emailwish’s Goals and Growth Aspirations

When Emailwish came to us, they had 234 installs and they aimed to attract new users and educate potential customers about the effectiveness of email flows for e-commerce businesses. Their goal was to drive installations of their Shopify app and increase revenue through targeted marketing strategies. 

The Marketing Strategy:

 Considering Emailwish’s limited budget and their time constraints, we suggested them a mix of Cold Emails & retargeted ads. 

Crafting Cold Email Campaigns: Our Outreach Strategy

We targeted 1 million Shopify store owners with a series of cold emails to introduce Emailwish. Our cold email series consisted of:

Email 1: Highlighting the problem faced by e-commerce stores (ineffective email marketing).

Email 2: Presenting Emailwish as the solution, accompanied by a detailed case study.

Email 3: Sharing testimonials and reviews from satisfied users.

Follow-up Emails: Three additional follow-up emails were sent to recipients who didn’t open the initial emails, reinforcing the message.

To maintain Emailwish’s domain reputation, we used a separate email domain for these campaigns. In total, we sent about 8 million emails over the course of five months, ensuring maximum reach and engagement.

Retargeting Ads: Maximizing Reach with Google and Facebook

In addition to the cold emailing campaign, Ecomwedo implemented retargeting ads to re-engage users who had previously shown interest in Emailwish. Targeted ads on Google and Facebook platforms served as gentle reminders of the app’s benefits, encouraging users to visit the Emailwish store listing and complete installations.

Lifecycle Emails: Nurturing Users Through Every Stage

Apart from the cold emails, we designed lifecycle emails for various stages of the customer journey. These emails were crucial in retaining users and ensuring their satisfaction. Our lifecycle emails were tailored to different phases:

Conversion Phase: Welcome emails and onboarding guides.

Purchase Phase: Encouragement to subscribe to a paid plan.

Engagement/Activation Phase: Tips and best practices for using Emailwish effectively.

Renewal Phase: Reminders and incentives for plan renewals.

Referral Phase: Requests for referrals and reviews from satisfied customers.



Growth Metrics: Analyzing New Installs and Uninstalls Over Five Months:

In total, we generated 2,345 new installs over a period of 5 months and generated $76,626 in new revenue. 
Here’s how Emailwish’s user base and revenue grew over the five months:

Month 1

  • New Installs: 355
  • Uninstalls: 68
  • Net Installs: 287
  • Total Installs: 521
  • Revenue: $6345
  • Paid Subscriptions:
    • Free Plan: 393 users (58 uninstalls)
    • $27 Plan: 90 users (6 uninstalls)
    • $69 Plan: 35 users (3 uninstalls)
    • $500 Plan: 3 users (1 uninstall)

Month 2

  • New Installs: 439
  • Uninstalls: 93
  • Net Installs: 346
  • Total Installs: 867
  • Revenue: $9913
  • Paid Subscriptions:
    • Free Plan: 673 users (72 uninstalls)
    • $27 Plan: 134 users (12 uninstalls)
    • $69 Plan: 55 users (7 uninstalls)
    • $500 Plan: 5 users (2 uninstalls)

Month 3

  • New Installs: 491
  • Uninstalls: 107
  • Net Installs: 384
  • Total Installs: 1251
  • Revenue: $14,996
  • Paid Subscriptions:
    • Free Plan: 987 users (85 uninstalls)
    • $27 Plan: 180 users (15 uninstalls)
    • $69 Plan: 74 users (6 uninstalls)
    • $500 Plan: 10 users (1 uninstall)

Month 4

  • New Installs: 521
  • Uninstalls: 110
  • Net Installs: 411
  • Total Installs: 1662
  • Revenue: $19,845
  • Paid Subscriptions:
    • Free Plan: 1336 users (87 uninstalls)
    • $27 Plan: 217 users (18 uninstalls)
    • $69 Plan: 94 users (4 uninstalls)
    • $500 Plan: 15 users (1 uninstall)

Month 5

  • New Installs: 539
  • Uninstalls: 121
  • Net Installs: 418
  • Total Installs: 2080
  • Revenue: $25,527
  • Paid Subscriptions:
    • Free Plan: 1686 users (92 uninstalls)
    • $27 Plan: 255 users (20 uninstalls)
    • $69 Plan: 118 users (8 uninstalls)
    • $500 Plan: 21 users (1 uninstall)

Understanding User Behavior: Conversion Rates and Plan Adoption:

With 24.67% of users opting for paid plans, the breakdown was as follows:

  • Free Plan (75.33%): The majority of users utilized the free plan, providing a solid foundation of active users who benefited from basic features and could potentially convert to paid plans in the future.
  • $27 Plan (17.13%): Most of the paid users subscribed to this plan, contributing significantly to the overall revenue.
  • $69 Plan (6.03%): A considerable number of users opted for this plan, reflecting their need for more advanced features.
  • $500 Plan (1.51%): A small yet impactful group of high-value users chose this premium plan, adding substantial revenue.

Reflecting on Success: Emailwish’s Journey with Ecomwedo

Our targeted marketing efforts at Ecomwedo enabled Emailwish to significantly increase its user base and revenue. By leveraging cold emails, retargeting ads, and lifecycle emails, we ensured sustained growth and user retention. Emailwish’s success story is a testament to the power of strategic marketing in driving SaaS product growth.


  • 1236% YoY increase in revenue since we began working with them.

  • 790.60% increase in installs. 

Looking Ahead: Opportunities for Continued Expansion and Innovation

Ecomwedo plans to launch comprehensive ad campaigns across diverse channels and collaborate with influencers to further amplify Emailwish’s brand presence.
They will continue to focus on bolstering reviews through targeted email campaigns, developing a series of lifecycle emails, and crafting engaging content to reduce churn and nurture lasting customer relationships.
Ecomwedo’s strategic approach to customer acquisition through cold emailing, retargeting ads, and lifecycle engagement content proved immensely successful in helping Emailwish achieve its objectives. With impressive results in customer acquisition, revenue generation, and retention, Emailwish is poised for sustained growth and success in the competitive e-commerce landscape.

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